Lining and Recuperation Revolution Pieces

Besides the bimetallic Wear Plates manufacture, SADEBO disposes of a plant devoted to the recuperation of any kind of worn revolution pieces: roller, mullers, mill roller path and any other pieces submitted to big friction in its work..

These pieces are recovered by the application of an extra-hard layer of an special alloy material over a metallic piece by a SAB special welding process, in order to improve the resistance to wear and/or to recuperate the appropiate dimensions.


The importance of the lining and recuperation pieces in the productivity increase and the cost-cutting is, nowadays, recognized in the industry. It has been proved to be the most economical method so as to prolong the equipment life, it reduces the need of big spare part stocks and keep a longer time in a productive activity the equipment exposed to the wear.

The lining and the recuperation pieces can be made for two reasons:

  1. Giving back its original shape to a worn piece. It is used a covering metal equal or similar to the base metal: it is the complete covering.
  2. Providing a piece particular properties with a material different to the base metal. If the material used is hard and resistant to the wear, the procedure is called hard covering.


SADEBO considers everyone of the factors which take part in the wear at the time of making the covering and recuperation pieces.

These factors can be enumerated as follows:

  • Metallurgic factors: Hardness, tenacity, constitution, structure and chemical composition.
  • Operational factors: Materials in contact, means and charge type, speed, temperature, surface roughness and covered distance.
  • External factors: External elements, corrosion.



  • A combination of high hardness and structural resistance.
    As it is already known the tough materials are not hard. Then, if the piece is made of only one material, it must be accepted as a final result a minor resistance to the wear in order to get the necessary security against the possible breakings. However, if the piece is designed with a SAB material to be protected against the wear, it is generally possible to use a steel to common carbon as base material, putting on the surface submitted to the wear an alloy more suitable.
  • Production stoppage reduction.
    The pieces protected by SAB last between 5 and 20 times, and even more, than the non protected pieces. Therefore, the life of the pieces in use gets longer with the consequent reduction in the number of reparings and productive stoppages. The cost of maintenance will be reduced obviously.
  • Minors recharge stocks.
    The possibility to recuperate a worn piece eliminates the need of investing in big recharge stocks which fill room and cost money.
  • Minor motrice energy consumption.
    The biggest efficiency in service of the recuperated pieces produce a reduction in the energy consumption.


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